Our Ministers

We have three men who serve as evangelists on staff.

Doug Couch serves as the Pulpit Minister. He has been preaching since 1977. He has earned degrees in biology and theology. He serves as an instructor at the Nashville School of Preaching, where he teaches classes in the field of Christian Apologetics, (i.e. Why We Believe in God, the Bible and Christianity). He has been to several mission areas in Jamaica, Nicaragua, and Panama, where he teaches in Preacher Training Seminars for  the preachers in those countries.   He and his wife, Debbie have three daughters, Tamara, Tara and Tiffany and 6 grandchildren.  Contact Doug at: tdcouch3@juno.com .

Tom Todd  serves as the Youth Director. He served in the youth ministry for over 17 years before becoming the youth director. He attended Penn State University and has attended the Nashville School of Preaching. He and his wife Carol have 5 children, Jeff, Amber, Chantel, Aireann, Thomas Jr. and 9 grandchildren. He was a therapeutic foster parent for 30 foster sons. Contact Tom at: tom@whitebluffchurch.org.

Daniel Cauthen serves as the Associate Minister. He has been married to Laura Ann for 24 years.  He has two sons, Mason and Martin.  Daniel graduated from Nashville School of Preaching and has preached for many years for several congregations throughout the county. Contact Daniel at:  daniel.cauthen@comcast.net