Challenge Youth Conference Report

This year we had 36 attend the conference February 21-23.

We're here!
Our group at Challenge Youth Conference in Gatlinburg

Speakers and Topics:

  • Kyle Butt “Trust Me” Judges 21:25 , Isaiah 48:17
  • David Shannon “I Want You to Know Me” Jeremiah 9:24
  • Brad Montague “Open Your Eyes” 2 Kings 6
  • Lonnie Jones “What Are You Afraid Of” Isaiah 43
  • Lonnie Jones “ I Am The Lord Your God” Isaiah 43

We had a great attendance, almost 12,000 in both sessions. We stayed at a lodge in Gatlinburg so we all could be together. This enabled us to have devotions & singing in the evening. I would like to thank all the Ladies that provided snacks for the trip. We were all well fed & had plenty of sugar to keep the energy at a high level. I would like to thank our congregation on their donations that enabled those that could not attend otherwise. It is greatly appreciated by the youth & me. The seeds that are planted here at such a large event are everlasting in these young lives. It is heartwarming to see 12,000 youth come together for a weekend of learning & fellowship. You would have been very pleased with our youth’s attitude & behavior. We did not have any concerns on this trip. One of our youth caught a Frisbee & a very young girl was behind him & crying because she didn’t get one, so our teen turned around & handed it to her. The Dad said “Whatever you guys are doing at White Bluff please keep doing it”.

CYC was a great learning experience. The sermons and singing were great, & the skits were hilarious. While the Christian environment was great for learning, it was also really fun. This was a quote from one of our youth, “Thank you for driving & taking me, the speakers made me start thinking about some things in my life”. Another youth comment, “I would like to thank the adults for cooking & serving our youth this weekend. It takes a special talent to supervise youth & do it with a smile. Thanks again for your service to the Lord.

Those in attendance were Nora Welch, William Welch, Kaila Donaldson, Taylor Harding, Gabby Collier, Haven Wills, Will Waller, Brandon Smith, Zach Waller, Liz Resha, Adrienne Goodman, Mary Jackson, Josh Collier, Dalton Reynolds, Cody Karnes, Ashley Karnes, John Womack, Logan Dyson, Isabella Southerland, Mason McCoy, Aly Cooper, Julia Quilantan, Blake Jordon, Daygen Hall, Reed Albert, Will Goad, Andrew Barber, David Osborne, Joanna Jackson, Troy Waller, Paula Waller, Donnie Wills, Mike Gilbert, Megan Strickland, Tom Todd & Carol Todd. If you get a chance, ask them how they liked the event or what they learned, & to encourage them to continue in their walk with the Lord.

Proverbs 22:6 says, “Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.”

Bible Class News

Another quarter has begun, & as teachers it’s sad to know that this is our last quarter with our current group of students. We pray that we have given our best to the job of teaching them & will send them on to “grow in grace and knowledge” (2 Peter 3:18).

Childrens Sunday SchoolHere are some highlights from some of last quarter’s classes:

Debbie Couch’s 2-year-old Sunday morning class gained three new students: Addison Gross, Ella Hartsfield and Sydney Cocke. They are learning about some Super Heroes in the Old Testament: Noah, Abraham, Samson, David, etc. Cooper Karnes & Drake Daniel have learned the Hippopotamus Song. Debbie says these 2-year-olds are the greatest!

Ann Heath taught the Sunday morning 3 & 4-year-old class. This little group has learned that Jesus loves all of us, no matter who we are, & they memorized 1 John 4:7: “Let us love one another, for love is of God.” The class welcomed Carson Cocke at the beginning of February.

Konni Sullivan’s 4 & 5-year-olds Sunday morning class had five boys & girls with regular attendance. Mia, Brooke, Carter, Nathan and Cydnei enjoyed praying, singing, puppets, puzzles, crafts, painting & more while learning about the birth, childhood & life of Jesus. They especially liked the lessons about the birth of baby Jesus & the lesson where Jesus said, “Let the children come to Me!”

Jeanette Bradshaw teaches the Wednesday night kindergarten class, assisted by Gabby Collier. Trenton Bradshaw, Curtis Burkeen, Gunner England, Ava Heath, Miranda Nelson & Elijah Osborne studied the life of Jesus. Ava, Miranda & Elijah brought their Bibles, & were able to tell the class about the story they chose. Ava had perfect attendance. All the others missed no more than two classes.

Marilyn Wilkins & Paula Waller taught the 1st & 2nd grades on Wednesday night, & they studied the birth and early life of Jesus also, including some of His miracles. They learned ways that He was a friend to people through His love, forgiveness & compassion, & worked on several memory verses. Claire Jackson had perfect attendance.

There is so much more information to share about the older classes. Pick up a full copy of the Bible Class News in the lobby to see more news of learning the Bible with our children.

Thank you Bible Teachers!

Save the Date! Summer Youth Events

Mark your calendars! Here are the dates for our major summer youth activities.

  • Vacation Bible School (June 8-11)
  • Amazing Race Bible Camp (July 13-18)

For more information, see Tom and Carol!

An Unrealized Sickness

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times, “You boys hurry up!”  It’s the same scene every morning at the Chesser’s.  Someone is not moving as quickly as I think they should, followed by me banging on the door, hollering “We’re gonna be late!”  Sometimes we are late, but not proportionate to the number of times I get flustered & aggravated.

Hurry, hurry, hurry.  What’s the rush?  Carl Jung once said, “Hurry is not of the Devil, hurry is the Devil.”  It would seem I’ve invited the Devil to reside in my house each morning.

With that in mind, I submit to you 12 Diagnostic questions offered by Tim Chester in his book The Busy Christian’s Guide to Busyness to determine how ill we’ve become with hurry sickness.

  1. Do you regularly work 30 minutes a day longer than your       contracted hours?
  2. Do you check work emails & messages at home?
  3. Has anyone ever said to you, “I didn’t want to trouble you because I know how busy you are?”
  4. Do friends or family complain about not getting time with you?
  5. If tomorrow evening were unexpectedly freed up would you use it to do work or a household chore?
  6. Do you often feel tired during the day or do you find your neck & shoulders aching?
  7. Do you often exceed the speed limit while driving?
  8. Do you make use of any flexible working arrangements offered by your employers?
  9. Do you pray with your children regularly?
  10. Do you have enough time to pray?
  11. Do you have a hobby in which you are actively involved?
  12. Do you eat together as a family or household at least once a day?

Some may be more applicable to you than others, but don’t use that as an excuse to dismiss them.  Take the initiative & specifically invite the Devil to leave by slowing down & reclaiming these hurried times in your life.

Joe Chesser, Windsong Notes, Little Rock, AR                                           February 7, 2014

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